Our Dishes


Selection of Cascina Selva cheese with home made jam 14,00€
Tonnato veal from 60’s 14,00€
“Mondeghili” traditional milanese meatballs (G) 14,00€
“Anni 60” mix of cold cuts with insalata russa 14,00€
Caramelized onion with gorgonzola cheese 14,00€

Pasta and rice

Rice and mill with beetroot, speck, smoked cheese and hazelnuts 16,00€
Rice and mill with butter, black pepper and Parmesan cheese 16,00€
Rice and milk with grapes and gorgonzola cheese 16,00€
Risotto with saffron milanese style 17,00€
“Riso al salto” pan-fried risotto in milanese style served with Parmesan cream 17,00€
Spaghetti cheese and pepper in Parmesan basket (G) 16,00€
Tagliatelle with Bolognese style ragù (G) 16,00€


Risotto with saffron in milanese style with veal marrowbone 30,00€
Cotoletta in milanese style 350g (G) 28,00€
Cotoletta “orecchio d’elefante” in milanese style 500g (G) 32,00€
Grilled octopus served with Parmesan cream and giardiniera salad 30,00€
Roasted cockerel with three spices 24,00€

Side dishes

Baked potatoes 6,00€
Seasonal vegetables 6,00€
Autumnal salad 6,00€


Sweet rice and milk with cocoa beans and salted caramel 8,00€
Sweet rice and milk with apple and cinnamon 8,00€
Sweet rice and milk with pistacchio and white chocolate 8,00€
Tiramisù in 60’s cup (G) 8,00€
Hazelnuts and Bronte pistacchio ice cream 8,00€
Plumcake (lactose free cake served with home made grape sauce) (G) 8,00€
Cake of the day with home made gelato 9,00€
“Cavolatt” (traditional milanese dessert) 9,00€

Bottle of mineral Levico water ½ liter € 2,00
Coffee by traditional moka Bialetti € 2,00
Service € 3,00
Traditional liquor is offered by the house!

(G) = Gluten
In case of allergies please ask to the waiter.