Riso e latte

Anni '60
Selection of italian cold cuts with pickled vegetables
Cipolla dolce caramellata con cuore di gorgonzola
Caramelised sweet onion from Acquaviva with melted blue cheese
Trippa e fagioli
Tripe and beans soup in Milanese stile
Mondeghili (G)
Boiled beef meatbolls with mortadella, Parmesan cheese, eggs and bread
Degustazione di tris di gorgonzola DOP
Selection of Gorgonzola DOP reserve 200 days, Bleu de Moncenis 90 days, Bufalo 45 days
Riso e latte classico anni ’60
Rice and milk with butter, black pepper and Parmesan cheese
Riso e latte "viola"
Rice and milk with speck, smocked cheese and hazelnut
Riso e latte con zucca, gorgonzola e granella di castagne
Rice and milk with pumpkin, blue cheese and chestnuts
Risotto alla milanese
Milanese saffron risotto
Tagliatelle al ragù della festa (G)
Tagliatelle with ragù (Fassona beef, veal and Norcia Sausage)
Spaghettoni cacio e pepe (G)
Home made spaghetti with cacio cheese, and pepper in a Parmesan cheese basket
Tortelli alla zucca (G)
Pumpkin tortelli stuffed with Parmesan cheese, amaretti and nutmeg with organic butter and sage
Risotto alla milanese con ossobuco di vitello
Milanese saffron risotto with veal marrowbone cooked for many hours and tender
Bollito misto
Mix of boiled meet (beef, chicken and cotechino sausage) with mustard and green sauce
Cotoletta alla milanese (G)
Traditional pan fried veal: thick, with the bone, screw thread and fried in butter
Brasato di manzo con polenta rustica
Brasato veal with polenta
Tagliata di fassona Piemontese
Piemontese beef sirloin
Side dishes with our courses:
Baked potatoes 6,00€
Steamed or stir-fried vegetables of the day 6,00€
Red potatoes purè 6,00€

Our desserts

Our handmade tiramisù in a 60's cup 7,00€
Madagascar vanilla crème caramel 7,00€
Rice and milk with Nutella and hazelnuts 8,00€
Rice and milk with apples, cinnamon and caramel 8,00€
House ice cream with almonds 8,00€
Rice and milk with house ice cream and cocoa bean 9,00€
Rice and milk with house ice cream and honey and walnuts 9,00€
Caramelized oven baked apple with Mappale wine ice-cream 10,00€

Bottled 1/2 litre water 2,00€
Coffee from Moka Bialetti 2,00€
Bread and service 3,00€
Fruit on the table and sixties liqueurs are offered by Risoelatte!

(G): Gluten. In case of any allergy and intollerance please inform the dining room staff, is always available the list of ingredients.