Classic menù

Selection of organic Italian cheese with tris of organic jams 14,00€
“Roman” cake with cheese and pepper with ham 14,00€
Smoked Upstream salmon from Isole Faroe 16,00€
“Anni '60“ selection of Italian cold cuts (cured ham,baked ham, salami,coppa) and pickled vegetables - 2 people 20,00€
First courses - Pasta  
Tagliatelle with beef and tomato sauce (ragù bolognese) (G) 14,00€
Spaghetti cacio e pepe(cheese and pepper) in a Parmesan cheese basket (G) 14,00€
Paccheri pasta with smoked Upstream salmon (G) 16,00€
First courses - Risotto and Risoelatte  
Risotto alla milanese (Milanese saffron risotto)-(min. 2 people) 14,00€
Milanese saffron risotto with veal marrowbone (G) 28,00€
Risoelatte ‘60, butter, black pepper, Grana cheese (min. 2 people) 14,00€
Purple risoelatte, speck, smoked cheese, hazelnut (min. 2 people) 14,00€
Second courses  
Cotoletta alla milanese: pan fried veal with baked potatoes (G) 26,00€
“Piemontese” beef sirloin with vegetables 18,00€
Salmon in almond with seasonal vegetables 18,00€

Our chef recommends!

Stewed tripe with beans 14,00€
Raw artichokes salad and nuts in Parmesan basket 14,00€
Deep fried salted cod with polenta 16,00€
First courses  
Provola cheese and potatoes ravioli with butter and sage (G) 14,00€
Pizzoccheri pasta with Bitto cheese, butter and vegetables (G) 14,00€
Savoury nettle risoelatte with sausage and Gorgonzola blue cheese 14,00€
Artichokes risotto with 36 months cured Parmesan cheese and nuts 16,00€
Barolo red wine risotto 24,00€
Second courses  
Braised Fassona beef with polenta 24,00€
Boiled meat with different sauces 20,00€
Fassona beef meatballs in tomato sauce with polenta 18,00€

Coffee from the moda-pot 1,00€
Water, bread and service 3,00€
Fruit on the table and sixties liqueur are offered by Risoelatte!!

(G) = Gluten
Homemade pasta with organic flour from Antico Molino Rosso (Vr)
Doggy bag